Maddy M timeline on World War II


World War II/The Bombing or Pearl Harbor facts

My book is based around the bombing of Pearl Harbor or the World War II. So these are some historically accurate events that happened this time period.

Japanese preparing for the attack

November 27,1941 - December 7,1941

The Japanese spent much time planning for their risky attack. They knew much of their chance of winning was attacking with complete surprise. Then November 27, 1941 they began their long journey across the Pacific Ocean after their training. Then December 7,1941 they reached Pearl Harbor and they attacked. Many people were killed and 21 ships were sank.

Facts about the AirFields at Pearl Harbor

December 7,1941 - December 8,1941

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, many servicemen were still in their pajama's eating breakfast in the mess halls when the attack began. Also, the U.S. servicemen had identifies the invading planes as Japanese because of the "meatballs", what they called the large, red circle.

The attack on Battleship row

December 7, 1941 - December 8,1941

The Japanese had been hoping to catch U.S. battleships at Pearl Harbor, seven in which were lined up at what was called Battleship Row. Since the attack was a surprise, many of the bombs and torpedoes were drooped right on the ships. Many of the ships sank. The damage done was severe.

Attack on Pearl Harbor and why

December 7,1941 - April 1945

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor beginning a war with the United States and Japan. December 7,1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor because they were tired of negotiations with the United States. Japan wanted to continue their expansion within Asia but they United States blocked trade with them in hopes of curbing Japan's aggression. This started the war with Japan and the United States which brought us into the World War II.

The U.S. declares war

December 8,1941 - 1945

After the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, then the U.S. declared war December 8, 1941. "Remember Pearl Harbor!" became a rallying cry for the U.S. during World War II.

The events that happened in my book.

In my book, "Dear America the Fences between us," was based around a girl names Piper Davis who was in this historical fiction book. The entire book is her diary that she wrote.

Hank leaves to join the navy

November 8,1941 - May 1,1943

In my book, a girl named Piper Davis was shocked to hear he big brother, Hank, was leaving home for the navy. Her brother said he would be fine because there was no war going on at the time.

Betty Sato goes to Camp Harmony

May 15, 1942 - April 24, 1943

Piper's Japanese friend, Betty Sato, has to go to a camp because she is Japanese. Betty did not want to go to the camp at all. Some people literally had horse stalls for rooms! The food was terrible and everything! So Piper went to visit her friend often but people did not like Piper and her dad because they were "Jap Lovers"

Piper moves because of her dad's job.

September 23, 1942 - 1945

Piper's dad is a pastor from a Japanese church. Well since the Japanese are in war with the U.S. the Japanese were moved to a camp in Indiana. So Piper's dad said that they need to move there to because he is watching over the Japanese, still preaching the sermon. So now Piper has to move to a camp with Japanese people because of World War II.

Piper arrives at the camp the Japanese are in.

September 29, 1942 - October 7, 1942

Piper and her dad need a place to stay until they can find a place to rent. So they are staying at the camp the Japanese are until places for rent are available. But when Piper got there she was horrified by the heat being terrible and all the dust!! There are many gaps between walls and windows, letting the dust blow right on in. She also could not stand the smelly bathrooms and the bitter food. Piper hates her dad for making her come with him to this awful camp.

Piper and her dad get kicked out of rented house.

November 2, 1942 - November 7, 1942

Piper and her dad had rented a house, then they went to a restaurant and the manager, Mr. Croften, had kicked them out of the restaurant and then followed them home. Then he bought the house from the landlord and became the new landlord. So he kicked them out of the rented house.