Salutary Neglect

The unofficial policy of Britain that loosened the hold on America allowing it to prosper but also led to their independence. #FREEDOM


Settling of Jamestown

May 14, 1607

This first permanent English settlement in England was Jamestown.

Virginia House of Burgesses

July 30, 1619 - 1774

It was an assembly of elected representative from Virginia. It was the first of its kind in the colonies. It was dissolved it when it started resisting the crown.

Mayflower Compact

November, 1620 - 1691

The Mayflower Compact was the first attempt at government in the New World. It was drawn up to be fair and equal for all.

Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock

December 21, 1620

One of the first successful colonies. Was a symbol of freedom because the pilgrims were searching for religious freedom.

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

January 14, 1639

First written constitution. Set up a government. Prototype of the United State's current constitution.

Bacon's Rebellion


Western Virginia's citizens were upset at the Governer Berkely for not helping them againist the Indians. #MOODY

Glorious Revolution

1688 - 1689

William of III overthrew the catholic King James II. He was put into power with Queen Mary II. They accepted more restraints from parliament than all previous rulers.

English (British) Bill of Rights

December 16, 1689

Declared rights and liberties of the people and had a big impact on our constitution.

Salem Witch Trials

June, 1692 - September, 1692

19 men and women were charged for witchcraft by death. One man was beaten to death, several died in jail and many lives were changed.

John Peter Zenger


He printed an article against the governor and was charged of libel. He was convicted not guilty by the jury and way allowed to go free. This made printers feel freer.