Salutary Neglect

Salutary neglect is when a country like Britain in this case let's go of a foreign side of their country like the colonies or something like trade and focuses more on their own problems in the country. By Auston A. A2


Settling of Jamestown

May 14 1607 - May 15 1607

Jamestown was the first English settlement in America.

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Virginia House Of Burgesses

July 30 1619 - July 31 1619

This was the first new legislature for the new colony.

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Pilgrims Land at Plymouth Rock

1620 - 01/02/1620

The Pilgrims ran for their lives to America for safety and to start a new religious government.

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Mayflower Compact

November 11 1620 - November 12 1620

This was the government for the new colony at Plymouth.

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Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

1639 - 01/02/1639

These were the orders that the government must follow in the new colonies.

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Glorious Revolution

1660 - 1701

This is the time period where the King who was king james was overthrown.

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Bacon's Rebellion

1676 - 01/02/1676

The first rebellion in the new colonies which was against a governor to overthrow him.

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English Bill Of Rights

1689 - 01/02/1689

The bill of rights enacted under king William the III to move the country towards a free governed state.


Salem Witch Trials

1692 - 1693

Two girls had hallucinations on mushrooms and sarted calling people witches and they got hung.

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John Peter Zenger

october 26 1697 - July 28 1746

A journalist who printed truths that were against a governor and he was arrested and tried until found not guilty under liberty.