Birth and childhood

356 B.C. - 339 B.C.

Born in Macedonia

Son to king Phillip II
Taught by Aristotle
Slept with the book Iliad under his pillow at night

Alexander becomes ruler of Macedonia

336 B.C.

Battle of Granicus

334 B.C.

Belligerents Persia and Macedonia Outcome Macedonia victory

Wins battle of against Darius

333 B.C

Battle of Gaugamela

331 B.C.

Belligerents Persia vs Macedonia

Founding of Alexandria

331 B.C.

Library of Alexandria (500,000 scrolls)
Alexander created 20 more cites


324 B.C.

Alex dies in Babylon
Plutarch writes that he died in Nebuchadnezzar's

Stuck in Desert

324 B.C.

Alex's troops stuck in the Gedrosia Desert


Latins in Rome

1000 B.C.

Greek move into southern Italy

750 B.C. - 550 B.C.

Greeks teach Romans
1.grow olives and rapes

2.Greek alphabet
3.architecture, sculpting, literature


650 B.C.

Etrucsans teach romans
2.)streets, temples, public buildings around a
central square.
3.)tomb paniting/murles
4.)Serve as model for the roman millitary

the Romans republic is formed

509 B.C.

The Romans push out the ruling family, Tar quins, and set up republic leader are chosen by the public.

Many plebeian went on strike

494 B.C

the plebeian were allowed to set up their own council of the plebs

471 B.C.

plebeian and patricians were allowed to marry

455 B.C.

Romans unite with other

388 B.C.

Romans combine with their fellow Latins to join forces to take over Italy

council of plebs finally gained power to pass all Romans law

287 B.C.

defeat Etruscan

284 B.C.

push Greek out out of Italy

267 B.C.

1.)Become the champs of Italy

the dispute brought the two power to blows

264 B.C.

Romans crushed the Carthage's navy off coast of Sicily

241 B.C.

the battle of Cannae

216 B.C.

Macedonia rule by Romans

148 B.C.

Romans finally destroys the Third Punic war

146 B.c.

senators went far as to kill Tiberius

133 B.C.

Caesar's enemies surrounded him and stabbed him to death

44 B.C.

Caesar become king of Rome

44 B.C.


he saw a burning bush and heard a voice .

1290 B.C.

Israelite destroyed king Jabin

1125 B.C

with Deborah" help, Barack and 10,000 Israelite s destroyed King Jain and his army in about

a people called Israelite s built a kingdom in Canaan.

1000 B.C.

Assyrians conquered Israel

722 B.C.

the Assyrians conquered Israel and scattered the 10 tribes across their empire.

the Egyptians conquered

620 B.C.

it did not last long, because the Egyptians conquered it about

the Chaldeans conquered Egypt

605 B.C.

Egyptian rule was cut short when the Chaldeans conquered Egypt

Judah held against chaldean

597 B.C.

judah held out against the chaldeans invasion

Alexander set kings

334 B.C.

a king named Alexander the great set out to conquer kingdom in west ern Aisa.

his armies dfeated judah

331 B.C.

his armies defeated the perians so Judah came under his control

a Greek rule named Antiochus controlled judah

168 B.C.

the study of Torah

70 B.C.

he made sure the study of the Torah continuned.

Romans conquered judah

63 B.C. - 476 A.D.

a people know as the Romans conquered Judah

the Zealots revolted against the Romans and drove them out of Jerusalem.

66 A.D. - 70 A.D.

the Jews revolted against the Romans

132 A.D.