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Ch. 10 Timeline

800 B.C. Aristocrats take over Spartan government.

800 B.C.

750 B.C. 20 times more helots and perioeci than aristocrats in Sparta.

750 B.C.

750 B.C. Athenian nobles, merchants, and manufacturers set up an oligarchy.

750 B.C.

750 B.C. Outlines of Greek civilization are formed.

750 B.C.

700 B.C. The inner part of the polis becomes a city.

700 B.C.

594 B.C. Solon is chosen to prepare a constitution for Athens.

594 B.C.

560 B.C. The Athenian government is taken over by Peisistratus.

560 B.C.

545 B.C. The Persians conquer Ionia.

545 B.C.

508 B.C. Spartans are overthrown by Cleisthenes.

508 B.C.

507 B.C. Cleisthenes puts into effect the first democratic constitution.

507 B.C.

500 B.C. Sparta becomes the greatest military power in Greece.

500 B.C.

490 B.C. The Battle of Marathon between the Persians and the Greeks.

490 B.C.

480 B.C. The Battle of Thermopylae between Persians and the Greeks.

480 B.C.

479 B.C. The Battle of Plataea destroys the Persian army.

479 B.C.

479 B.C. End of the Persian Wars.

479 B.C.

431 B.C. The Peloponnesian War begins between Sparta and Athens.

431 B.C.

404 B.C. Athens surrenders to Sparta.

404 B.C.

371 B.C. Sparta is defeated by Thebes

371 B.C.

338 B.C. Greece is conquered by Philip II of Macedonia.

338 B.C.