Summer to Winter 1969


Neil Armstrong takes first steps in space

July 20 1969

Charles Manson thinks Beatles warn of a coming holocaust, called Helter Skelter

August 8 1969

Second Helter Skelter happens

August 10,1969

The president of Vietnam , Ho Chi Minh, dies.

September 2,1969

Moose hunting season starts.

September 26,1969

Diane Linkletter jumps from her sixth-story home to her death.

October 4,1969

black-power movement is spreading through the English-speaking Caribbean,

November 6,1969

In Washington D.C. 25000 people stage a protest against the Vietnam War.

November 16,1969

80 Indian college students occupy Alcatraz Island in the name of all tribes.

November 20,1969

The British House of Commons votes 343 to 185 to cut the death penalty.

December 16,1969