Ch. 16 WWII Time Line


Benito Mussolini comes to power


Became a tyrant who opposed liberalism and socialism.

Joseph Stalin comes to power


Becomes tyrant after previous leader, Vladimir Lenin, dies.

Japan attacks Manchuria

September 19, 1931

An attack on China to expand Japanese territory.

Hitler appointed chancellor of Germany

January 1933

Took power very slowly by restoring peace to Germany and promising revenge.

Italy invades Ethiopia

October 1935

Mussolini sends troops to attack to expand territory, League of Nations did nothing to help.

Rape of nanjing

December 13 1937

Mass slaughter and rape of Chinese citizens and soldiers by Japanese army.

Munich Pact

September 1938

To preserve peace that stopped Hitler's attacks for only eleven months

Nazi- Soviet Nonaggression Pact

August 23 1939

Germany and Soviet Union made a pact to not attack each other publicly. They secretly planned to attack Poland together.

Germany invades Poland

September 1 1939

Germany uses the BlitzKrieg method to dominate Poland withing a few weeks.

Neutrality Act of 1939

November 4 1939

Established the Cash and Carry method

Miracle of Dunkirk

May 1940

Tactical error in German war plans allowed some 338,000 French/British soldiers to escape the slaughter.

France surrenders to Germany

May 10 1940

Germany broke through a thin spot in France's defenses and destroyed French and British soldiers

Battle of Britain

July 10 1940

Arial battle between Britain and Germany. Britian won

Tripartite Pack

September 1940

A pack between Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Lend-Lease Act

March 1941

Allowed FDR to transfer titles to, exchange, etc. to any such government defense article

Germany attacks Soviet Union

June 22 1941

Atlantic Charter

August 1941

Issued national self determination and an international system of general security.

Attack at Pearl Harbor

December 7 1941

Japanese bombers flew over Pearl Harbor and destroyed several ships, hundreds of troops, and several planes.

United States Declares War

December 8 1941

Declares War on Japan for their actions at Pearl Harbor

Bataan Death March

April 9 1942

Transfer of over 80,000 P.O.W. (a mix of American and Fallopian soldiers). Made them march a total 63 miles to the next camp.