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10/1/95 - 1/13/05

SiMent was founded by me, Ralph and Brian. Tara was supposed to sing, originally, but Brenda ended up our first singer. Jay joined us in 1997, and shortly after, Brenda left. We released several cassettes, a couple of EPs, and an album.

Medium Rare

5/15/96 - 6/13/96

Medium Rare was an acoustic duo project consisting of Devin and myself. Formed to play the talent show, we had a couple of rehearsals and one performance. This one performance was my first time playing music on stage for any kind of audience.

Psychic Water

9/1/96 - 4/1/97

Psychic Water was a band Ralph was already playing drums in when he asked if I could play bass -- so I did. Fronted by Brian K., later of Talking to Walls. I also played guitar in that band. We also had Rob on guitar, and Jay C. on bass.

The Fryalators

11/01/97 - 5/01/00

The Fryalators were a ska-core group formed by members, Stacy (trombone), Carrie (guitar), and Abby (bass). Kevin played drums at first, but moved to guitar, and then Tom played drums. Kevin V played trumpet, Ben played sax, I sang and played keyboards.


8/12/00 - 11/30/04

I was an occasional auxiliary member of Saffron, playing second guitar and keys.

Vitamin Tramp

2/14/01 - 8/8/08

Vitamin Tramp started as a joke name for a band between Ralph and I. But then we realized it was a good name for a band, so we started a band. We released 4 albums and have been on hiatus since 2008.

Precious Johnson

5/10/01 - 10/1/05

Originally "Lisa Soccerhead", Precious Johnson was formed by former members of The Fryalators in 2001. Stacy sang, Carrie played guitar, Kevin played guitar, and I played drums. Kevin departed the band in 2003, and I departed the band in 2005, with Chris filling in on drums until the band became dormant. We all (minus Kevin) reunited one night for a party around Christmas, 2009.

My Solo Recordings

5/1/2002 - 4/1/2009

In 2002, I began writing songs that clearly wouldn't work for SiMent, so I stockpiled them until a good use became clear. I wrote three albums of material until 2009 when I began writing more for Phonolux and Vitamin Tramp.

The Baghdaddys

1/5/03 - 6/01/04

The Baghdaddys was started by studio engineer and songwriter, Jeff. Michael played guitar, Jef played drums (with one f), and I played bass.

Sick Ticket

2/01/03 - 5/28/05

Sick Ticket was born by Ryan (formerly of Splice) and I. Keith played bass, and Nips briefly played drums before being replaced by permanent drummer, Chris. We released a demo CD, and an album before splitting in 2005. Keith and Ryan continued on as The Michaels, but Sick Ticket reunited for one weekend in Texas in 2010 to write and record 6 new songs.


10/1/04 - 5/3/13

Wit is a studio project of Chris Thompson's with me as producer and musician. Many guests graced the first album recordings: Tara, Stacy, Carrie, Joe, Sean, Spen, Ralph, Austin, Carla. However, as Chris and I both ended up in Texas, Wit has become predominantly more about Chris and I. Wit released one album, and one EP, although there is another currently in progress.


11/1/04 - 12/5/04

Cops was a short-lived Police cover band with me on Copeland, Stacy on Sting, and Joe on Summers.


11/1/06 - 5/5/13

Originally "The Wicked Sweets", Buddy (drums) joined me (guitar), with Pat (bass) and Scott (keys, guitar). Pat and Scott departed in a couple of months, replaced by Art (bass) and Miguel (keys, guitar). Eventually, Buddy started writing songs for piano, and we all became multi-instrumentalists until 2012 when we all decided to stick to one instrument: Buddy (piano, vocals), Dave (drums), Art (bass), and Miguel (guitar). Art left the band in 2013, replaced by Mando.


6/1/07 - 7/31/07

I joined Desdemona as a temporary drummer and played one show with them.

The Swampy Bogs

2/17/10 - 2/18/10

The Swampy Bogs is a studio project of Ralph (drums), Me (guitar), Sean (piano), and Pat (bass). Miguel was almost involved.

Austin All-Stars

1/5/11 - 2/20/11

The Austin All-Stars was an attempt to make the Swampy Bogs permanent, but it didn't happen. Ralph and Chris played drums and guitar. Pat played bass. I played guitar, and Sean played keys.

Sammy and the Tax Brackets

12/30/11 - 1/02/12

S&TB was a weekend project intended to further the Vitamin Tramp / Swampy Bogs / ATX all-stars contingent. Chris played drums, Ralph played bass, and I played guitar. It can be considered an extended Vitamin Tramp.

White Elefant

9/15/12 - 5/5/13

I joined White Elefant as an additional guitarists / multi-instrumentalist. Josh sings, WJ drums, and Fil slaps the bass.


Band rehearsals and practices, jam sessions, etc.

Medium Rare rehearsal

05/29/1996 - 5/30/96

Rehearsing for the 1996 Foran High School talent show, Devin and I ended up writing the most memorable moment in our set spontaneously.

Live Shows

Live Performances