George Washington Timeline


French Revolution


The people of France rebelled against the King because of unfair treatment. The American revolution inspired them to also rebel. At the end the French rebellion beheaded the king and queen.

Whiskey's Rebellion

1791 - 1794

This was a rebellion on a tax on whiskey to make up for federal debt. Citizens thought that congress had no right to tax them on it, so a riot in Western Pennsylvania. Congress the military to go stop the fight. There was now battle just stopping the riot.

Neutrality Proclamation

April 22, 1793

George Washington stated that the U.S. will not take sides during the war between France and Britain. Even though congress didn't approve of it, it was still passed.

Jay's Treaty

November 19, 1794

Was the treaty between the United States and Britain. This settled disputes that could have led to war all over again. The British were suppose to pay for the damages during war. They ended up not. But, since the treaty was passed the British didn't. The people didn't think it was fair because the British got off to easy.

Treaty of Greenville

August 3, 1795

This treaty settled the Native Americans in the Northwest Territory. The Native Americans were mad because of the U.S. expansion. Britain had supplied the Native Americans with weapons. So they decided to go to war with the Americans. After five years of war the U.S. won. The treaty put the Native Americans in what is now Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Pickney's Treaty

October 27, 1795

This was a treaty between Spain and the U.S. over border disputes. The Spanish had control of New Orleans. They then shut down the port. This made the American settlers angry. The treaty opened the port. That is why the treaty was made so that the Spanish couldn't close the port again and scare the American settlers.