Untitled timeline


Fredrick Meischer


Isolated nuclein from other cells and later used salmon sperm as a source. He also did research on white blood cells and was the first person in Germany to focus on tissue chemistry.

Griffth (Fred)


Showed how different diseases can trasnform and change.

Avery and McCleod


Hypothized that DNA held genetic material instead of protein.

Erwin Chargoff


Chargaff's Rule = Adenine is equal to the ammount of Thymine, and Cytosine is equal to the ammount of Guanine.

Watson and Crick


Won the noble piece prize in 1962 in phsiology for findinng and creating the first structure of DNA model. Some say they stole the ideas from Rosalind Franklin.

Rosalind Franklin


Took X-Rays of the structure of DNA + RNA. Her pictures led to the discovery of the structure of DNA.

Beadle and Tatum


The thing they are now famous for is their mold experiment where they obstructed various genes to determine a one gene to one enzyme hypothesis. While this hypothesis was proven wrong, it was a breakthrough experiment that highlighted the relationship between enzymes and genes.

Maurice Wilkins


Took the first step in finding out all the genetic codes.

Nirenburg (Marshall)


Broke the genetic code, and saw how it appeared in protein synthesis.