Important Events of Ancient Greece


Athens sends help to aid the city-states and defeats Persia.

500 B.c. - 490 B.c.

The first Persian War occurs.

500 B.c. - 490 b.c.

Darius I set out to conquer all of Greece for Persia.

Persia sets out to conquer Greek city states in Anatolia.

500 B.C. - 499 B.c.

Persia wants more land.

Persia looks for revenge.

491 B.c. - 490 B.c.

Darius the Great dies.

486 BC

Darius, king of Persia, dies of illness.

The Second Persian War occurs.

480 B.C. - 476 B.C.

King Xerxes I wishes to conquer all of Greece, following in his fathers footsteps.

Xerxes fights for revenge of his father, Darius, death.

480 B.C. - 476 B.c.

Xerxes rebuilds the Persian army.

480 B.c. - 476 b.c.

Athenian Empire rules.

478 B.C. - 404 B.C.

The time of the Athenian Empire was a prosperous time for Ancient Greece. Society was thriving, the government was democratic, and athleticism and art were big parts of life.

Socrates lives.

470 B.c. - 399 B.c.

Socrates was an incredible Athenian philosipher. He taught Plato. He was sentenced to death for corruption of Athens youth. Many of his ideas are still alive today.

Peloponnesian War.

431 B.c. - 404 b.c.

Sparta was angry about how Athens was using their power. Sparta invaded Athens and burned their crops. Athens fought against Sparta and lost. Sparta took over the Delian League.

Aristotle lives.

394 B.c. - 322 B.c.

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher. He was Plato's student. He taught Alexander the Great.