HI 108 Timeline


Beginnings of Agriculture

10,000 B.C.E

Agriculture was introduced to African Continent. The nomadic groups began to settle down, and settlement started to pop up.

Farming Commnunities along Nile Valley and in Ethiopia

5000 B.C.E

Sedentary Farming communities along the Nile Valley and in Ethiopia.
Due to the fertile land caused by the flows created by the Nile River

Start of Bantu Migration

4,000 BCE

Bantu begin to migrate around this time. We know they migrated beacuse of the similarities between the different langauges in the areas. Bananas and Iron were key in their expansion.

Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt

3100 BCE

King Namer and Meme unifies the Nile Valley through military conquest.

Old Kingdom

2575 BCE - 2180 BCE

Time of Pyramid building, creation of the pharoah, and hygloriphics.

Rise of State of Karma

2400 BCE

Located in the Lower part of the NIle River Valley, south of the kindgom of Egypt.

First intermediate Period

2180 BCE - 2040 BCE

Collapse of Centralized authority in Egypt.
Smaller states form, Karma takes over part of some of the areas.

New Kingdom period of Acient Egypt

1530 BCE - 1070 BCE

Central authority returns, the pharoahs are reinstated.

Iron smelting in West Africa

1000 BCE - 500 BCE

The possible start of iron smelting in West Africa.

Iron Smelting

1000 BCE

Possilbe innovation of iron smelting in the lake regions of East Africa

Rise of State of Kush

1000 BCE

They replace the of state of Karma.

Kushan Invaded Egypt

750 BCE

Rise of the Menroe

591 BCE

They become the powerful empire of the nubia sector that ruled for a long time. They collaped due to their over production of iron destroyed their resources.

Rome conquers North Africa

21 BCE

the Roman empire expands to conquer North Africa, destroy Carthage(Tunisia)

Rise of Aksum

100 CE

They replace the State of Menroe in the Ethiopian higlands.

Rise of Ghana Empire

300 CE

the Ghana Empire rises in the Western African Coast.

Conversion of Axum to Christianity

330 CE

King Enzema converts to Christianity, and this lead to the Axum being the first Christian State in Africa.

Christianity introduced to Africa


Christianity begins to become a siognificant force in Africa