U.S. 1800s History Timeline


U.S. Expansion

Luisiana Purchase


President Thomas Jefferson puchases a massive amount of land from France that doubles the size of the United States

Texas War For Independence


Mexico invited American citizens to settle in the uninhabitted parts of Texas so long as they became Mexican Citizens, adopted the Roman Catholic Faith, and obstained from owning slaves. Texans did not abide by these rules and declared their independance from Mexico as the Lone Stare Republic. They were victorious in defeating Mexican Forces.

Domestic Affairs

Missouri Compimise


President agrees to make missouri a slave state and main a free state in order to remain politically balanced

California Gold Rush


Gold discovered out west, caused a massive migration of people looking to find their fortune

Clay's Compromise


an agreement to divide new states evenly among North and South


Cotton gin


Revolutionized cotton production and increased plantation output, and the value of slaves