Timeline assignment I


The Hijra of Prophet Muhammad and the foundation of the first Islamic Community

622 CE

Ali’s (Prophet Muhammad’s cousin and the fourth caliph) death

661 CE

Ali's son, Husayn, is murdered

680 CE

*Seminal event in the development of Shi'ism

The Occultation of the 12th Imam

941 CE

The First Crusade

1096 CE

Saladin’s re-conquest of the city of Jerusalem

1147 CE

Mongol destruction of Bagdad

1258 CE

Mamluk control of Egypt

1260 CE - 1517 CE

Battle of Ayn Jalut (First Mongol defeat in the Middle East)

1260 CE

Battle of Kosovo

1389 CE

Ottoman conquest of Constantinople

1453 CE

Vasco de Gama’s discovery of Cape route to India

1497 CE

Safavid rule of Iran

1501 CE - 1736 CE

Battle of Chaldiran

1511 CE

Ottoman conquest of Egypt

1517 CE

Duration of Ottoman empire

1517 CE - 1918 CE

Petroleum discovered in Abu Dabi