History timeline


Pinckney's Treaty


In 1784 Thomas Pinckney went to settle a dispute between Spain and the U.S. about Sspain closing the New Orleans port which affected trade and economy in the U.S.

Remaining Nuetral

July 14, 1789

Trouble between France and Britain grew after the French captured Bastille which was one of the first events in the French Revolution.

Jays Treaty


The U.S. and Britain made a compromise that if the british payed for debt that they owed to the U.S. Then the U.S. would pay debts they owed to Britain.

Conglict in the North-West Territory

1790 - 1791

In 1790 The U.S. was dealing with international trouble wile in the U.S. there was trouble brewing because, Little Turtle a Native American leader went to war with the U.S. and won. Then again in 1791 they won again but this time it was against a different general.

whiskey rebellion


The Farmers were mad because they raised tax on whiskey which made less people want to buy it therefore they rebelled because they needed more money.

General Wayne takes command


Washington sent General Anthony Wayne to fight the Native Americans. They built Fort Greenville. Little Turtle Attacked a train and they responded this time defeating them. This led to Britain not aiding the Natives any longer. Little Turtle realized he was out numbered and started to seek peace.

The French Question


Edmond Genet, Frances new representative to the U.S. asked if France could borrow ships and Washington said no because it violated the neutrality proclamation.

The Neutrality Proclamation

April 22, 1793

The Neutrality Proclamation Stated that the United States would not side with any country at war in Europe. Washington thought it would be best so that there were no allies lost or enemies made.