The Shift from Representative Government to Responsible Government


The need for change

1830 - 1835

It was not democratic, because the king/queen Monarch didn't care about BNA.
Also, only man that are over 21 can vote for the Legislative Assembly, so it wasn't fair at all.

The impact of Joseph Howe

1835 - 1837

Joseph Howe was a very famous politician in the mid 1800s.
He was a reformer that was from Nova Scotia.
On the day of his trial, he spoke for 6 hours!!
He talked about the power of the elite that was not fair.
Joseph Howe was elected to the Assembly so everybody thought he was a hero.

The Rebellions in Lower and Upper Canada

1837 - 1838

The rebellions in upper and lower Canada try to remove the elite from power.
They turned against the government.
In 1838, many of the rebellions were either arrested or jailed.

Lord Durham's Report

1838 - 1847

He suggested that the two colonies be joined.
He also thought this would give the British better control.
He insisted that the poor should be given a chance for better education
and also take part in their government.
It was important because the British
government actually took his advice seriously
and some of it was accepted by the government.

Responsible Government Achieved in Nova Scotia

1847 - 1848

The British government and the governor
of Nova Scotia was involved.
All colonies in BNA got a responsible
government in 1848 and 1855.

Responsible Government in Province of Canada

1848 - 1851

Louis-Hipployte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin was involved.
Province of Canada also got a responsible government in 1849.

Responsible Government in Prince Edward Island

1851 - 1854

George Coles and Edward Whelan was involved.
PEI asked for a responsible government
several times, but they couldn't .
In 1851, PEi finally got a responsible government.

Responsible Government in New Brunswick

1854 - 1855

Lemuet Allan Wilmot and Charles Fisher was involved.
The elite and the other people had the same issue
of who would control New Brunswick.
They got a responsible government in 1854.

Responsible Government in Newfoundland


When Roman Catholic and Methodist politicians
decided to join together to fight for reform.

Philip F. Little was involved.
They finally got a responsible government in 1855.