The Shift from Representative Government to Responsible Goverment


The need for change


The Monarch was at the top, She had the final decision so it was not democratic. She listen to British people wishes first and not listening to BNA people. The Lieutenant Governor also puts British wishes first. Governor gives advises to the Monarch. This was not democratic because this was not voted, the Governor were chosen from the Queen.

The impact of Joseph Howe


Joseph Howe publish a report about a men whose pocketing a money suppose to go to poor children. He was on the court, because they said that he tell a lie. Joseph Howe could been sent to jail. He was a good at speaking and he spoke for 6 hours.

The Rebellions in lower and Upper Canada

1837 - 1838

in Upper Canada, was a rebellion against the British colonial oligarchy in Upper Canada in December 1837. Public complaints had been present for many years, it was anarchy in Rowakanada immediately after the Upper Canada rebellion emboldened to openly rebel against it. Through militia anti-British secret of America that emerged support the lodge of the hunter, while around the Great Lakes mainly resistance (and became more violent), but remained until 1838, shortly after it began rebellion in Upper Canada, was defeated primarily.

Lord Durham's Report

1838 said to make upper Canada and lower Canada in to one colony and name Province of Canada. This was important because in 1841 the British made a Province of Canada, and this changed the upper and lower Canada changes.

Responsible Government Achieved in Nova Scotia


people involved was Leonard Tilley. The premier of Nova Scotia. Charles Tupper, first sujested the idea of a Martime Union Leonard Tilley, the premier of New Brunswick thought it was a good idea. John Gray the perineum of P.E.I. wasn't so sure.

Responsible Government in Provice of Canada


John Gray was involved. Joan Gray was Premier of Prince Edward Island from 1863 – 1865 and one of the Fathers of Confederation. He should not be confused with John Hamilton Gray, a New Brunswick politician and Alexis Gray began his political career in 1852, when he was elected to the provincial assembly as a reformer. He became a leading member of the opposition, with a reputation even among his opponents as a great orator.

Responsible Government in Prince Edward Island


In this area people voted but they didn't have a power because they had a less people. If they don't have a rule the they might have a war if it was not responsible government.

Responsible Government in New Brunswick


New Brunswick the border with America was there so if they had a responsible government they could have a law how to fight or kill when the Americans attack New Brunswick. The problem of New Brunswick was that they had to control the income, law can control this.

Responsible Government in Newfoundland


The New Found land was not invited to the Chattertown Conference because other colonies thought they had no interest in responsible government. When a government of a New Found Land heard about a meeting, it asked if it to send delegates. the other colonies said it will be welcome However there was much to be decided that they didn't had to decide how the union work.