Utnapishtim's Requiem

This timeline is for a fictional character in the 2013 Mind's Eye Society Requiem chronicle.


The Trickster

1803 - 1834

Details of his mortal life that may or may not be accurate:
- Born as one of two twins to a widow turned prostitute.
- Out on the streets by age 10 surviving through trickery and theft.
- Betrayed someone of considerable wealth to great profit in his late teens/early twenties.
- Died by violence on New Year's Eve a few months prior to his 31st birthday.

The Fool

1834 - 1880

In his earliest years as a kindred, Tim took on the role of the Fool, exploring freely and surviving as much by happenstance and good fortune as anything else.



A post-mortum Embrace, three days after he was killed.

Sire: "Mother"
Played by: ?


1880 - 1893
  • Body left under the protection of an House Agnostie, specifically Domingo Morgado (scott.requiem@gmail.com).
  • Owes one use of his services for a client of the House Agnostie's choosing.

The Magician

1893 - 1938

During this "cycle," Tim was an occultist, specializing in the study of all things mystical and spiritual.


1893 - 1900
  • Present for the 1896 Summer Olympics, the first International Olympic Games held in the modern era.


1900 - 1913

A member of the Ames Court, one of the micro-Praxis that dotted northern Iowa prior to their unification in 1913. Representative of the Prince of Ames during the final handover of power to Solomon Pierre L'Enfant, the first Prince of Northern Iowa.


1913 - 1938
  • Traveled across the Great Lakes region during these years, dabbling in all things arcane.
  • Peer of Kai Hun (zenjinxx77@yahoo.com) in occult circles.
  • Performed some service for Kai Hun in exchange for a Major Boon.


1938 - 1951

Actual dates subject to change.

The Hero

1951 - 1999

During this Cycle, Tim was an explorer and thrill-seeker, traveling broadly and generally living in a fashion that was larger than life.


1951 - 1959

During this time period, Tim studied at a number of different universities, broadening his array of knowledge in history and anthropology.

Meets Ramiel


The two begin engaging in correspondence on the nature of self, memory, and the mind.


1959 - 1992

Sired a childe


In 1960, Tim sired Lynn McLemore. The way this individual wore multiple masks for society, adopting different roles based on where they were and who they were interacting with intrigued Tim. Ultimately, Tim decided to give them another mask, that of a kindred, in order to see how much they could handle.

Tim's training was difficult and many tests were meant to be failed so that his childe could learn how to deal with loss as well as success.

Meets Capro


The two engage in theological debates from time to time thereafter.

Test Subject

1992 - 1994

Experimented upon by Athena Gloria St. James (a.real.nowhere.chick@gmail.com).

Los Angeles

1997 - 1998

Tim was in Los Angeles during this time period and saw everything he had accumulated during this cycle slip away from him. He cursed ill fortune and sank into despair. These tumultuous years were a primary cause for him entering torpor a third time.


1999 - 2012

Actual dates subject to change.