My past timeline


My birth


I was the last child born and was the only girl born to my family. Also I was my parents last chance to have a child after my moms miscarriage.

Meeting my grandma


I remember meeting my dad's mom and her babysitting me the whole summer and how she always defended me when my grandpa made fun of me talking spanish

Quince/Sweet 15


Having my sweet 15th celebration and making memories with friends and family. Also making a big mistake during the same time and realizing I had to grow up.

Volunteering at a doctors office


Volunteering at a doctors office for ROP and being able to realize that I will always want to be in the medical field to help people and that it makes me happy to help others.



Spending time in Mexico with my family and spending the last year with my grandpa in Mexico. Seeing how beautiful the city is and being proud of were I come from.

A sad goodbye and happy welcome


I lost my grandpa this week and it was the worst time of my life when I lost him. However, I gained my first nephew during the same week on the 28th. It was a sad week and happy week at the same time.

First day at my first job


Finally got my first job after trying so many times to work at Disneyland. Meet some great people that day too.

Drivers licenses


Finally getting my drivers licenses and able to drive my car on my own. Barely passed the drivers test and took my three times to pass the written test.



Being accepted to volunteer at CHOC's new building. Its means the world to me since I want to work as a nurse with children when I get my degree and this is a step up for me.



Being able to pass all my classes for the fall semester and be able to participate in the honors program.