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The Scottsboro Trials


nine black men were accused of raping two white women

The Trial


the trial of the nine black men and the two white women !

About the Trial

November 1932

United States Supreme Court ordered new trials for the men

Haywood Patterson and Clarence Norris


Haywood Patterson and Clarence Norris are tried for rape, convicted, and sentenced to death.

New Trials Began

March 1933

testimony of two doctors who refuted the likelihood that a rape occurred,Ruby Bates's retraction of the accusation and a harsh scrutiny of the like of Victoria Price,the other accuser.

Haywood Patterson's

March 27, 1933

Haywood Patterson's second trial begins in Decatur before judge James Horton.

Haywood Patterson

April 9, 1933

Haywood Patterson found guilty by jury and sentenced to death in the electric chair.

Judge Horton

June 22, 1933

Judge Horton sets aside Haywood Patterson's conviction and grants a new trial.

U.S. Supreme Court


U.S. Supreme Court overturned the convictions stating the defendants were not given a jury of their peers (African-Americans)

Clarence Norris

July 1937

Clarence Norris is convicted of rape and sentenced to death. Andy Wright is convicted and sentenced to 99 years for rape. Charlie Weems is convicted and sentenced to 75 years. Ozzie Powell pleads guilty to assaulting the sheriff and is sentenced to 20 years.

Charence Norris

Jan 23 1989

Clarence Norris, the last surviving Scottsboro boy, dies at age 76.