Roman conquest of Hispania


The first conflict between the Carthaginians and the Romans took place in Cissa

218 B.C.

Publius Scipio fought the Iberians, probably against tribes south of the Ebro

216 B.C.

G. Claudius Nero tried to capture Hasdrubal Barca but he retreated dishonorably

210 B.C.

Publius Scipio advanced south and collided with the army of Hasdrubal Barca

209 B.C. - 208 B.C.

Rebellion against proconsuls L. Lentulus and L. Manlius

207 B.C.

Mandonius was caught and executed

205 B.C.

Roman Iberia was divided into two provinces: Hispania Citerior and Ulterior

197 B.C.