Historical Fiction Kelsey R


The Beginning

August 4, 1964 - May 31, 1965

A girl moved to Mississippi, where they treated black people unfairly.

City Schools Open Today

September 14 1964

when school started they were mixed.

FBI investigates bombing of negro house

october 23, 1964

The owners suspected of Civil Right activities.

White Citizens' Council Decries Race Mixing

november 20, 1964

The Whites detest the black in school.

Federal Government Sues To Integrates Eating Places

February 15, 1965

Well I think is not fare.

Stuff happen during 1964-1965

Martin Luther King Jr begins march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama

March 21, 1964

After this stuff get bad

Walt Disney's "Mary Poppins" released

August 4, 1964

It is a movie that is good.

Free Speech Movement launched at University of California , Berkley

October 1, 1964

To be honest I don't know any about this. But I know that our story had something to do with this.

the birth day of Pat Ryan

October 30, 1964

That is my dad.

The birthday of Joni Ryan

January 28, 1965

That is my mom.