Washington Time Line


French Revolution

1789 - 1799

Like the american revolution we rebelled against our old king George and the French wanted to to the same so they did. They were lead by a man named King Louis XVI he was getting tired of the same thing. So the French stormed the Bastille to over rule there powerfull leader which they were tired of.The US acually wanted the French to win but Jefferson did not he was upest by the US policy, and he thought that Hamilton had to much influence for the presidents foreign policy. But after the revoluion the french beat the British and became independant.

Whiskey Rebellion

1791 - 1794

This event lasted 3 years. In the year 1794 the fightin had broken out the famers lashed out against the tax on whisky, because in that time that was a popoular drink. The govt. did this to pay a debt to pay off. Washington thought it was fair for them to pay it off but the people did not want to.

Neutrality Proclamation

April 22, 1793

The US said that they did not want to side with any European countries when they were at war. Which also included the French and the English war, it was one of the least that Mr. President did not have an approval by the Congress.

Jay’s Treaty

November 19, 1794

The was a treaty that would dispute the arisen with the United States and Great Britan in the years or 1790's. So it pretty much fixed the problems that we had. it would work by the French fixing the damages that they did to our ships nd convoy and the English would abandon their forts on the northwestern territory, for us. But the Us sill thinks we wen o soft on the British.

Treaty of Greenville

August 3, 1795

This started some problems with the idian tribes but this gave us the power to take indian land from them. But the indians got 20,000 dollers for there Northwest territory.

Pinckney’s Treaty

October 27, 1795

In this year the Spanish was in control of the port of New Orleans.They wanted to trade but they did not have to the power to transport goods across. But then New Orleans to American ships it would give them the power to depoist. So it ended in complete successful.