George washinton Timeline


French revolution

1789 - 1793

The French people Rebelled Against there King and Queen and Won and beheaded them

Whiskey Rebellion

1791 - 1794

Congress passed a tax on American made Whiskey and everyone did not support the tax so fights all over started because people refused to pay the tax and personally led The army to the rebellion and stopped it without a battle.

Neaturality Proclimation


It stated that America Will Not choose sides between France and England without the approval by congress

Jay's Treaty


Jay's treaty fixed problems Between the United States and Britain. The British had to pay damages done to American ships and they had to leave there forts in the Northwestern territory.

Pickney's Treaty


It opened the port of New Orleans to the Americans for trade.

Treaty of Greenville


The treaty gave the United states claim to the Northwester territory after 5 years of Fighting.