George Washington

Presidency 1789-1795


French Revolution

1789 - 1804

It truly ended in 1804 when Napoleon claimed the crown.


The Rebelion Begins

1789 - 01/03/1793

The King and Queen were beheaded.

The War

02/20/1793 - 1815

The French fought the British for 22 years!


The Neutrality Proclomation

04/22/1793 - 1815

This declared that the US wouldn't side with the French or British.


Jay's Treaty

11/09/1794 - 1795

The British started stealing our ships, thus canceling most trade with France and our income of money. This treaty made Britain pay back the cost of all they had done and abandon their forts in the US terratory. This was thought as unfair because the British got away with letting a number of slaves free.

Treaty of Greenville

08/03/1795 - 1803

Since the US won battle against the wepon supplied Native Americans after 5 years; the Native Americans rewared us with the Northwest territory.

Pinckney's Treaty

10/27/1795 - 1800

The Spainards had been settling in the uncharted parts of the US and were found in 1794. The Spanish had also been settling in current day Florida and current day New Orleans. They had a dock set up at the outlet of the Missippi and noticing it was a large part of trade shut it down. The inland US relied on the Missippi for most trade. This treaty helped open the docks and settled border disputes.


The Whiskey Rebellion

1791 - 1794

This rebellion started after a tax was put on shipping corn by congress. The farmers followed in the footsteps of Daniel Shays believing that the tax was unfair. But the outcome of this rebellion was not the same as the last because marching in came George Washington, the president! He led the troops to stop this rebellion to prove that the government was strong and was not going down without a fight.