Untitled timeline


Clovis becomes ruler of the Franks

481 A.D

Frankish kingdom declined

700 A.D

Charles Martel became mayor of the palace

714 A.D

Charles Martel defeated the Muslims at the Defense of Tours

732 A.D

Charlemagne crowned Roman Emperor by Leo III

800 A.D

Charlemagne died

814 A.D

Feudalism in northern France

900 A.D

Some Viking groups settle in the North Atlantic islands

1000 A.D

Farmers use 3 field system

1000 A.D


Merovingian Rulers

481 A.D - 700 A.D

Charles Martels reign

732 A.D - 741 A.D

Carolingian rulers

768 A.D - 814 A.D