The Shif from Representitive Government to Responsible Government

Social Studies Project


The Need for Change

1830 - 1847

BNA wanted the government to change because the queen or king of Great Britain had control over everything about BNA. They made all decisions that is good for Britain and bad for BNA. Britain's wishes were first and the BNA were not allowed to vote for elections as well. It was not fair for them because couldn't share their opinions, ideas, and thoughts. BNA was very unhappy.

The Impact of Joseph Howe

1834 - 1835

Joseph Howe published a news paper about the government. A lot of people were against him, but later he was elected to the Assembly.

The Rebillions in Lower and Upper Canada

1837 - 1838

The rebellions were people who were against the government and tried to change it by using violence. The rebellions in the upper Canada started to attack Britain because they knew that the British soldiers were busy fighting with the lower Canada.

Lord Durham's Report

1838 - 1839

The british government sent a man called Lord Durham after the Rebellions. He investigated the situation and suggested what to do.

Responsible Government Achieved in Nova Scotia

1846 - 1847

The first to achieve responsible government was Nova Scotia. Joseph Howe was against representative government and this was able to happen because of him.

Responsible Government in Province of Canada

1848 - 1851

It was hard to make a responsible government because Canada East and Canada West had very different opinions.
Two men called Badwin Robert and Lofontanie was against representative government as well. They tried very hard to change it until it was accepted.

Responsible Government in Prince Edward Island

1851 - 1852

Gorge Coles and Edward Whelan were against representative government as well. They tried their best to to change it but first, Britain did not listen to them. Later, PEI was able to make a responsible government.

Responsible Government in New Brunswick

1854 - 1855

Many people had a issue of who would control the income from timberland. The Assembly solved this issue before the colony achieved a responsible government. In 1854, Charles Fisher was the first premier in New Brunswick.

Responsible Government in Newfoundland

1855 - 1856

There were different opinions and thoughts between English Merchants who were the councils. Both of the groups believed in different thing so it was hard to make decisions. (They were elected in the Assembly).