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the need of change

1830 - 1847

In the late 1830s, some people slowly start to think that the Elite was taking advantage of there power. The disempowered people could not do something because of discrimination. Also most people had no money and struggling to survive, thats why the professional people handled this. They were called the REFORMERS.

Impact of Joseph Howe


Joseph Howe is a man who published a newspaper called Novascotian. Freedom of press is a right to write what ever is true even though its against the government.

The Rebellions

1837 - 1838

The rebellions are protesters that was in upper canada and lower canada. They used violent ways to try to remove the power from the elite.

Lord Durham's Report


Responsible Government Achieved in Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia was the first one the have the responsible government, but the British Government called the governor to hold an election. the Reformers promised that the people had more say in how government money is spent, and the people liked the idea so they one.

Responsible government Province of Canada


The responsible government was not so good in the first place even thought the British Government agreed on this. The east and the west (of Canada) did not agree on anything but finally Louis Hipployte LaFontaine from canada East and Robert Baldwin joined forces to make a strong responsible government .

Responsible Government in PEI


In PEI the lieutenant-government chose the members of Legislative and Executed councils that lived in the island to lead.
One of them were George Coles. He worked hard to reform the island.

Responsible Government in New Brunswick


For New Brunswick, the key question was:
Who will control how the income from timberlands would be spent.
By making Responsible Government, we had to pay for other colonies.

Responsible Government in Newfoundland


Lastly the Responsible Government went to Newfoundland. Also the Roman Catholic and Methodist politicians fought for Responsible Government and Reformers