Breanna's Timeliene


Pinckney''s Treaty

1784 - October 1795

This which settled the border and trade disputes with Spain.

French Revolution

July 14, 1789 - January 1793

The French Revolution was a rebellion of French people against their king in 1789


1793 - 1795

France asked American soldier to help them build priveteers for them tho fight. Jefferson wanted the French to win but he still thought using privateers was a bad idea.

Jays Treaty

1793 - 1794

Jay's Treaty settled the disputes that had arisen between the US & Great Britain in the early 1790's

The Neutrality Proclamation

April 22, 1793

The Neutrality Proclamation said that the United States would not take sides with Europeans that were at war

Whiskey Rebellion

1794 - November 1794

What is the Whiskey Rebellion now , farmers got mad because of the tax on whiskey

The End of Conflict

August 20, 1794 - 1795

This is which gave the US claim to most Indian lands in the Northwest Territory