The Persian Wars

The Persians Wars between Persia and Athens/Greece and their Effects 500-430 B.C.


First Persian war

500 B.C. - 490 B.C.

Dairus in Persia wanted to control Greek city-states. He invades city-states in Anatolia, but Athens comes to their defense. In return, Persia sends a large fleet across the Aegean Sea to Marathon, outside of Athens, whre Athens pulls off a surprise defeat.

Battle of Marathon

490 b.c.

After the battles in Marathon, Athens was defensless. Pheidippides ran 26.2 from Marathon to Athens to warn them. He died, but was celebrated as hero because his effort allowed Athens to prepare.

Second Persian War

481 b.c. - 478 b.c.

Xerxes of Persia enacts revenge on Athens and Greece. Greek city-states were divided over who to support.

Battle of Thermoylae

480 B.C.

Narrow mountain pass in Greece, outside of Athens. 7000 Greeks fought off the Persians, but the 300 Spartans are most famous. They held the Persians for 3 days before they were all killed. Their sacrifice allowed Athens to prepare.

Naval Battle

479 B.C. - 478 B.C.

Athens positions a battle on the island of Salimis. Persia was not familiar with the narrow waterways, so Athens wins over the course of a year, as Persia retreats.

Creation of Delian League

475 B.C. - 430 B.C.

Athens creates the Delian League, an alliance of all Greek city-states. They become the leader, headquarter it in Athens and use the money to glorify Athens.