George Washington Timeline

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Geroge Washington Timeline

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French Revolution

July 14, 1789 - July 4, 1799

The French Revolution is about a rebellion of French people against their King in 1789. The French people overthrew their kings an created a republican Government. The French were sick and tired of being tossed around by ruler King Louis XVI. The old ideas about tradition were quickly overthrown by new ideas of equality, citizenship and inalienable rights. So the French took action,and rebelled against the government, just like the Americans against the British. After a long and rough time, the French claimed independence in 1792 and did so by beheading the King and Queen.

Whiskey Rebellion

1791 - 1794

In 1794, Congress had passed a tax on American- made whiskey to pay off debt for te country. The citizens, especially the farmers who made the whiskey were 100% against the tax. They felt they had no right to tax something that was "created themselves". Fights over the tax had broken out in West Pennsylvania and people had refused to pay the tax. Washington, who felt the tax wasn't a bad thing personally had the military led to Pennsylvania to enforce the tax and reduce fights. Which it ended up doing so without any arguing. Then Congress issued a new tax on farmers who used their extra grain and wheat to create whiskey, to pay a tax. The farmers felt it was unfair and protested.

Neutrality Proclamation

April 22, 1793 - December 1793

On April 22, 1793, George Washington declared the United States "neutral" during the feud between France and Great Britain. He had passed this proclamation without the approval of Congress. The others did not like that, even though they did agree that neutrality was essential for the country. Thomas Jefferson, the secretary of state was in complete disagreement with the neutrality proclamation, and soon resigned after it was official that they were neutral during the feud between Britain and France. George believed that the country was too new and the military was too weak, he didn't want to risk it.When France and Britain went to war, Washington decided not to take sides. This made people ANGRY-especially Thomas Jefferson.

Jay’s Treaty

November 19, 1794

On November 19, 1794, Jay's Treaty was approved and ratified by 2/3 majority of government to prevent war between Britain and the United States. The treaty prevented Britain from destroying or messing with American boats or property, it also prevented them from keeping Pre-Revolutionary American forts it had failed to hand-over in the Northwest Territory, which was the area west of Pennsylvania and Northern Ohio. The Jay's Treaty lasted for ten years, and was successful, even though the people thought it did not punish the British enough.

Treaty of Greenville

August 3, 1795

The Native Americans were not happy about the United States stealing their land for themselves, at first the British helped the U.S. expand into the Northwest Territory by providing them, weapons, food shelter and other important things to help them prevail after 5 years of fighting. The Treaty of Grenville gave the U.S. permission to claim the Native American Northwest Territory, under supervision of a few Indian tribes of the area, including the: Shawnee tribe, the Ottawa tribe, the West tribe and the Kickapoo tribes, just to name a few. The United States gained places like, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana. The signing took place at Fort Green hill

Pinckney’s Treaty

October 27, 1795

In 1784, Spain was in control of the port in New Orleans and closed trade to the United States. The United States could not take advantage of the port, to transport goods from places like Mississippi to the port and ship overseas. The Treaty of Pinckney re-opened the port to the United States and sloved border issues between Spain and the U.S. , the treaty was signed on October 27, 1795 in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The treaty also helped the friendship between the U.S. and Spain. Washington saw this as a success for the U.S.