George Washington Timeline

George Washington Events

French Revolution

July 4, 1789 - 1793

The French revolution was similar to the American revolution. It was a rebellion against their king. What follow was the beheading of their king. They then established a republican government.

General Wayne Takes Command

1792 - 1793

Anthony Wayne, a general was given the command of army in the west from President Washington. His command was to bring the troops to the frontier to battle the Indians.

The Neutrality Proclamation

April 22, 1793 - December, 1793

The Neutrality Proclamation was when President Washington stated that we could not take sides of European countries while in war. Not everyone agreed. They thought Washington was abusing his power.

Whiskey Rebellion Is Crushed

August 1, 1794

Complaints from the western Pennsylvania were not resolved at first with fighting until 1794 when there was a lot of fighting. The fighting spreaded to states. President Washington did not like this. He had to send the army there of about 13,000 people.

The End of Conflict

August 20, 1794 - 1795

Wayne's troops won and be the Native Americans. The Battle was called "Battle of Fallen Timbers." They destroyed the Native American's villages and a tornado had also destroyed many trees.

Jay's Treaty

November 1794 - June 24, 1795

When disputes had arrived between USA and Great Britain in 1790. President Washington had sent a man to London named John Jay made the Jay treaty. The two sides had signed it. The agreed to pay for damages or whatever else they did.

Pinckney's Treaty

October 27, 1795 - August 3, 1796

The Pinckney's Treaty is what settled the border and trade disputes with Spain.