George Washington timeline

Hi Mr. Selby, this is my timeline


French revolution


The French are upset with there kind and decide to rebel against him.

French attack Bastille

July 14, 1789

A group of French colonist rebelled against there king, and to show it they attacked fort Bastille. It was then capture and re-named fort Place De la Bastille.

Trouble in America


Native Americans where supplied by the British with fire arms, and the Americans kept moving on to Indian land. This caused a battle, when a chief named Little Turtle defeated U.S forces in Miami.

The whiskey rebellion


While there was conflict between the Native Americans and America, the government also passed a law that put a tax on American made Whiskey. This upset many people.

King Louis XVI

January 1793

Rebels of the French beheaded King Louis XVI. Many Americans where shocked at what the French where doing to there own king, even if they where rebelling against him.!!

Native defeat

August 20, 1794

On this date when the native American tribes lost a battle, they stoped attacking the Americans, and the Americans stopped attacking them.

Jay's treaty

November 1794

Since the French and the British where in conflict and a lot of the trade with French was with America, the British stoped it. Since neither British or America wanted to get in to war again, they signed a treaty.