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George Washington Events

French Revolution

July 4,1789 - 1793

Thanks to the American Revolution the french decided to have their own therefor became the French Revolution. The French Revolution was rebellions coming together to fight their king. The French Revolution revolution lead to the beheading of King Louis XVI

Reactions in the West


People in areas like the western Pennsylvania were mad about taxes this lead President Washington to issue a proclamation that the citizens had to obey the law.

French Questions


France's new representative Edmond Genet had asked Americans soldiers to help fight against England by commanding privateers. Washington had told Genet that helping that will violate the U.S. neutrality.

General Wayne Takes Command

1793 - 1794

After Washington steped down from his dutys as general He gave it to Anthony Waynes. In 1793 General Waynes arrived in Ohio. Wayne's troops moved north and built Fort Greenville and in the summer of 1794 he had madeis way to the British and defeated them.

Neutrality Proclamation

April 22,1793 - December 1793

The Neutrality Proclamation was that the United States would not take sides with Eurpeon countries that were at war. Washington thought hes own plan was the safest.

Jay's Treaty


Washington wanted to prevent war so he had sent the Cheif Johnson John Jay to london so he can hopefully settle the dispute. Jay's treaty settled the between U.S. and Great Britian in the early 1790s

Whiskey Rebellions is Crushed


The western Pennsylvanians had broken out into fights this was called the Whiskey Rebellion,farmers lashed out against the tax on whiskey. Protesters didnt wan totpay the tax some called themselves the new Sons of Liberty.

The End of Conflict

August 20,1794

The Native Americans fought Wayne's troops in the Battle of fallen Timbers and were defeated

The End oof Confict

August 1795

Native American leaders signed the Treaty of Grenville, which have U.S. their state to some of the Indian landsin the Northern Territorys.

Pinckney's Treaty

october 1795

Washington had asked Ambassador Thomas Pinckney to meet the Spanish offcials to discuss the problem. The treaty settled the border and trade disputes with spains.