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Pinckeneys Treaty

1785 - 1795

This Treaty organized trading borders with America and Spain Thomas Pinckney's had addressed this issue in 85 but it was only signed in 95

French Revolution

1789 - 1793

The French decided to try there own revolution because they were being oppressed by their king. they started the revolution by beheading King Luis and his wife. in 1793

Conflict in north west territory

1790 - 1791

This was a small war between the Americans and the Indians the Americans continued to settle in the North West so the Indians were mad. The British supplied the Indians with guns and put fuel to the fire in 1791 Josiah Harmer was defeated by the Indian little turtle.

General Wayne takes command

1790 - 1794

General Wayne was appointed the general of the Army and quickly shaped up the armies act. Although his men suffered small pox and influenza he fought and defeated chief little turtle and burned a village and crops the chief urged his people to stop firgthing after he realized that he was outgunned and the British stopped supplying weapons.

End of Conflict

1790 - 1795

General Wayne defeats the chief little turtle at the battle of Fallen Timbers. They burned the fields and villages and the strength of the Indians fell dramatically in that region.

The French Question

1793 - 1795

The French wanted America to go to bat for them since they had helped them with getting their freedom. General Genet a frenchmen had privateers in American waters Washington told him that this was a violation of the US policy from france

Neutrality proclamation

1793 - 1794

this was a statement that the United States would not side with France or Britain in this war. This decision made many Americans very ANGRY including Thomas Jefferson

Jays Treaty

Jays Treaty

1794 - 1795

This treaty help settle arguments that the United states had and Great Britain had. the British had occupied forts in the north and wouldn't leave so this treaty made them leave but created a happy medium for both sides the Southerners were unhappy that the British did not pay them back for slaves. The United States were payed for damages for ships and forts http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTWRcCTHVdUorJF1CCokGWRCmGBwqQiMG9_sHduWplbhGs9SXmzdjzRioY