George Washington

George Washington's presidency

George Washington becomes president

April 1789

Paris citizens attack Bastille

July 14, 1789

The Paris citizens attack Bastille, which was a fortress and prison. They over threw the king and made a republican government

Conflict in the Northwest territory

1790 - 1791

Native Americans defeated U.S. forces under General Josiah Harmar. Later in 1791, they defeated General Arthur St. Clair’s troops

General Anthony Wayne takes control

1792 - 1794

Washington gave command of the army in the West to General Anthony Wayne. He was to bring troops to the frontier to fight the natives. they built fort Greenville where they stayed in the winter. The natives attacked and the troops attacked back, burned crops and native homes.

Washington issues the neutrality proclamation

April 1793

“The duty and interest of the United States require that they should with sincerity and good faith adopt and pursue a conduct friendly and impartial [unbiased] towards the belligerent [fighting] powers.” ~ George Washington

Jays treaty

November 1794

The British would pay damages on American ships and abandon their forts on the northwestern frontier. The United States agreed to pay debts it owed the British.

The treat of Greenville ends the fighting in the Northwest territory

August 1795

Native Americans are defeated and U.S. claims most Indian lands and $20,000 in goods and assured safety to the Natives.

Pinckney's treaty

November 1795

America wanted to be able to trade in Spanish territory, but the Spanish closed the port of New Orleans. Ambassador Thomas Pinckney was sent to talk with Spanish minister Manuel de Godoy and took alot of persuading to finally get him to reopen New Orleans