Untitled timeline


jesus of nazarath was born

33 BC

Jesus was born on the corner of Rome. Jesus was baptized at the age of 30 by John Baptist. He recieved a blessing from God. He was said to be a miracle worker. He also spoke of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus execution

3 AD

A couple years after Jesus' baptism, the opposition of Rome mounted against Jesus. He was ultimately executed by crucifixion by the romans. Most of the followers of Jesus scattered. Three days later, women who went to annoint his body had found that he was gone.

First spread of Christianity

100 AD

The number of people who went by as "followers of Jesus" or "christians" grew rapidly. A zealous jew by the name of paul has persecuted christians who had seen a vision of the risen Jesus. Paul had gone on numerous missions in the roman empire to start churches. He started writing letters which soon came to be scriptures of the "New Testament".

Constantine and the Council of Nicea

325 AD

In this time Constantine had called together the Council of Nicea so that he and the bishops could solve their problems togehter and work out their differences. They condemned Arius adn Arianism and declared the Son(Christ) to be of "one substance" with the father. After the council of St. Athanasius of Alexandria continued the battle of the Arians, the orthedox of the views both won out. The council turned to the issues about Christ's divine and human natures which were figured out at the Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD

Turning point in christianity

400 AD

The major turning point in the spread of Christianity is when the Roman emperor constantineconverted to christianity. The christian religion became legal, persecution ceased, and thousands of pagans now found it convenient to convert to to the emperor's faith. Christianity gradually rose in power until it became "christendom" that would encompass the entire western world in the Middle Ages adn Renaissance.

Church policies and aspects change


Western christians began to publicy challenge the aspects and works of the christian church. They went against the athority of the church and corruption of leadership for christians. They called for a return of the gospel and stripping of the traditions and customs of the church. They began to translate the bible.

Martin luther takes a stand


In 1517, a german monk named Martin Luther posted 97 complaints against the church selling indulgences. He was a person with much experience in the faith of reformers. His teachings would be spread quickly. He was excommunicated and barely escaped with his life.

christians spread rapidly


Christians from many places embarked on a journey across the atlantic to spread religious freedom. This was their main priority. The Dutch reformed New York. Much of New York was hit by the reformation. There wasnt really an attempt to inform America though.

Revival in the colonies


At this sime the salvation of Christ was said to have started taking place when sermons started taking place all over in the colonies. George Whitefield arrived looking to see this true. Jonathan Edwards was especially famous for his sermons towards Christ.

Christianity today


Today Christianity is the largest religion followed in the World. Chirstianity carries about 2 billion people in its inheritance. There are thousands of christian denominations. All of these were said to have started at the council of Nicea. This was put in place to make the world greater and a better place. In 1948, the world council of churches was founded to that end.