Christian History


Birth of Jesus

33 B.C

Jesus was born in a small town in the Roman empire. We don't know a whole lot of his life before he was 30 years old.

Jesus Rise from the dead

0 B.C.

Three days after his death Jesus's grave was empty. People saw him appearing on several different places and then he rised to heaven.

Jesus death

0 B.C.

Jesus was crucified by the Romans in Jerusalem. He died for the peoples sins so the sins are forgiven.

The Christian religion becomes legal

300 A.C. - 400 A.C.

The roman emperor Canstantine converted to Christianity and the religion became legal. Thousands of people followed their emperor and became Christians.

Pope Leo IX

1054 A.D.

Pope Leo IX excommunicated the patriach of Constantinople, the leader of the eastern church. The patriach condemned the pope in return and the Christianchurch divided in West and East.

Western Christians start challenging aspects of the church

1300 - 1400

They spoke against the abuse of authority and corruption in the churches leadership. They also started to translate the bible from latin in other common languages

Martin Luther posted 97 complaints

1517 - 1518

He complaines about the selling of induglences on a church door. He shared many ideas with the reformers before him. The invention of the printing press helped him to spread his message quickly.

Christians go to the new world

1600 - 1700

Christians start to go over the atlantic and got the religious freedom promised. Every different part of the Christians became a different state.

Benjamin Franklin becomes a rival of the church

1648 - 1800

Benjamin Franklin exemplified his time's general attitude towards religious matters with a remark he made before his death.

Religious skepticism growing in the west

1739 - 1740

People like Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield campained agaisnt this skepticism with good to great success.