George Washington's presidency

George Washington's presidency Timeline


French Revolution


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The French Revolution is a act of the storming of the Bastille. This act is about French people alongside their King.

Jay's Treaty


Jay Treaty was signed by the British and London. Jay's Treaty will fix problems between the United States and the Great Britain.
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Neutralitly Proclamtion


The Neutrality Proclamation that George Washington has stated is that U.S should not choose with any other European countries that were at war.
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Battle of Fallen Timbers


This Battle is a between the U.S and Wayne's troops vs American Indians. This Battle was called Fallen Timbers because the area were they fought had so many trees.
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Whiskey Rebillion


Before the Whiskey Rebellion was known there was a battle broken out. Then that was called the Whiskey Rebellion.
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Pinckney's Treaty


Godoy settled to Pinckney's Treaty. This treaty will settle the border and trade arguments with Spain.
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Treaty of Greenville


Native Americans signed the Treaty of Greenville so that the U.S can claim to most Indian lands in the Northwest Territory.
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