SC History


Eastern Woodland Indians

100 - 900

Thiis was a group of indians who lived from the Mississippi River to the east coast of America.These indians lived off of what resources they had around them in the forest.

Triangle Slave Trade

1500 - 1800

This was a trading system including America, England, and Africa.These three countries traded slaves, crops, and manufactured goods.

San Miguel de Guadalpe

1526 - 1527

This was the first European settlement in the United States. This settlement was founded by Lucas Vasquez de Aylion but was not able to last through the harsh winter months.

Plantation system


Plantation system is when people took big pieces of land and broke them up for individual people to own. Many times these pieces of land had slaves working on them.

Battle of Eutaw Springs

September 8,1781

This was one of the last battles fought in the Carolinas. Great Britain won this battle.

Great Compromise


This was a compromise between small and large states. They agreed that the Senate should have equal representation through all of the states but the House of Representatives should have representation based on population.