Beginnings of Civilization Prehistory - 200 BC

Paleolithic Age

Homo Habilis

2500000 bc - 1500000 bc

1st tool maker

Paleolithic Age

2500000 bc - 8000 bc

Old Stone Age

Homo Erectus

1600000 bc - 30000 bc

More intelligent - developed technology and inventions. 1st ot use fire. May be first to develop spoken language


200000 bc - 30000 bc

Homo sapiens - quarry workers
Migrated from Africa to Norther Europe and Asia


40000 bc - 8000 bc

Created Art, planned their hunts, stalked their prey.

Neolithic Age

Neolithic Age

8000 bc - 3000 bc

New Stone Age
People learned to polish stone tools, make pottery, grow crops, and raise animals