The Athenaeum

A timeline of the events that lead to the way the world is now.


The End

The events of the plague and weather that lead to what amounts to the end of the world.

Quarentine declared in China


In other news, China has declared a standing quarentine in the autonomous region of Tibet, and the provinces of qinghai and sichaun. Thousands of cases of a set of matching symptoms have begun cropping up, and China has said that they are moving to block the spread of the outbreak as quickly and effectively as possible.

Marines Show Symptoms


Members of the remaining US forces in Afghanistan have begun showing signs of the outbreak in china. The US military has begun assigning Troops showing symptoms to quarantine, and recalls have been rescheduled and contracts extended until the situation is assessed further. The CDC said in a press conference that they will be reassigning many of the agents they were sending to afghanistan to work with the US troops.

Airlines Shutdown


The virus that began in western china, unofficially called the Three-Nines virus, or the T9 virus by aid workers, has now shown up in every country in asia and europe with the exception of switzerland. Switzerland, in an effort to stop the spread of the disease has shut down its borders and all travel in the alps. The US has also cancelled all flights to and from foriegn nations, including south america and the carribean.

Virus appears in America


Breaking news; US Marines recently returned from afghanistan have displayed symptoms of the T9 virus, and quarantines have gone into effect on all bases with recently returned troops. All troops that have returned from overseas in the past month have been recalled from leave, and are expected to return to their base immediately.

Blizzard (Elizabeth)

03/11/2015 - 03/25/2015

In the weather, snows have begun in the northeast, and show little sign of stopping. This may be the most powerful blizzard to visit these shores in living memory, possibly even in the history of the United States. What Emergency personnel can be spared in the face of the T9 virus have been notified and will be on guard in the coming days. Travel by car is discouraged in major cities as the snow will likely make parking or digging out ones car difficult, and double and triple parking may occur. We hope you have stocked up, and if you haven't, go out now to get anything you need.

Blizzard (Francine)

3/14/2015 - 3/25/2015

The Snows in New England show no signs of stopping as an additional front moves up the east coast to join the original blizzard which still rages. So far 24" of snow have accumulated in most of the northeast, with rare breaks in the snowfall lasting up to half an hour on occassion. The coming storm may worsen this, and people are advised to stay in their homes.

Death of Carson Family


A tragedy occured today, a man in fort worth texas was suspected of being infected and a mob barricaded and set fire to his house. He and his family were still inside. The national guard in the city managed to disperse the mob, but not before the man, his wife, and two daughters were killed in the fire. We ask that you do not try to take matters into your own hands, please report to the authorities if you suspect an infection, do not try to address the problem yourself.

Infrastructure begins failing


The majority of people are now ill or too frightened to leave their homes. The infrastructure rapidly begins to collapse.

The Athenaeum

The development of the Athenaeum, from and idea to a city state


may 2015

Plague, looting, Raider bands start up



The first meeting of the Athenaeum

The Wall


The Athenaeum begins the wall project in an attempt to establish a territory where order can be maintained.



The assembly, at the direction of Charles Windom, divides itself into the general assembly (all citizens) and three sub councils: The Legisconsul, the body that makes and passes laws and bills for the Athenaeum; The Executorum, the executive body responsible for managing the Athenaeum Guard, as well as ensuring laws are followed and everyday administration is done; The Jurisdirectorate, also known as the high court of the Athenaeum, responsible for appeals, and ensuring that the enforcement powers granted the military, guard, and citizens of the Athenaeum are not abused.

The beginning of AA dating


Among the bills passed by the Athenaeum, a bill is passed creating a calendar system redating the year as "After Apocalypse" starting with this year. Dates are given by two year designates now, AD and AA.

Expidition 1

may 2025 - june 2026

Athenaeum sends first military colony group to hydro quebec in an effort to establish a connection with a renewable maintainable energy source for the city.

The colony group returns a little over one year later. Heavily casualties were sustained, of the original 74 only 19 survivors return to the Athenaeum. A small contigent remained behind to attempt repairs to the hydro dams themselves.

Expedition 2


The Athenaeum establishes another military group to remap and connect the power stations throughout new england, thanks to reports by the previous group this group over prepares and has a much higher survival rate, and successfully connects hydro quebec to the Athenaeum.