English 3H Michell


Lord of the Flies

September 2012 - October 2012

MOTIFS: Tyranny, War, Human Nature, Martyrdom, Man Destroying Nature,
THEMES: Man is inhumane to man. We fear our own innate evil side. A group will struggle to gain consensus, and will continue to blame others.
SKILLS: Vocabulary, Syntax and Grammar, Literary Terms
READING SKILLS: Comprehension and Analysis of major literary elements like symbols, themes, allegory, conflict, tone, etc.; Comprehension and Application of Non-fiction
LENS: New Historic-ism, Author, Psychoanalytic
WRITING SKILLS: Structure, Purpose, Audience, Present tense/Active voice, Intro Paragraph and Thesis writing, Topic sentences, Analysis and Application of Theory and Text

Little Black Fish and Short Stories

September 20, 2012 - October 20, 2012

MOTIFS: Knowledge and Learning, Oppression, Loss and Identity, Family
THEMES: People often fear the unknown. Sacrifice is required from us in order to make the world better. Families can disappoint and frustrate us. Life must be enjoyed as it is. Our cultural identities shape how we are treated.
SKILLS: Vocabulary, Grammar and Voice, Tone, Shifts, Setting and Plot and Characters units,
READING SKILLS: Comprehension and Analysis of Tone, Voice and Theme and Character and Conflict
LENS: Author, allegorical, new critical
WRITING SKILLS: Narrative, Reflection, Audience

Julius Caesar

October 2012 - November 2012

MOTIFS: Oppression, betrayal, loyalty, rhetoric
THEMES: Loyalty to your country should be based on what is right. Rhetoric can sway and persuade people. The crowd is fickle and can easily shift. Watch your back in political contests.
SKILLS: Vocabulary, Grammar and Voice, Shakespeare, Drama, rhetoric, and poetry literary terms, memorization
READING SKILLS: Comprehension and Analysis of language, themes, tone, rhetoric, figurative language
LENS: Author, new historical, dramatic
WRITING SKILLS: Rhetoric, Definition, Support Types, Transitions

Persepolis and Maus

November 2012 - December 15 2012

MOTIFS: Identity, Family, Autobiography, WWII, Holocaust, War, coming of age
THEMES: We are shaped by our identities. The world treats us according to how they see us, but we can choose to define ourselves (existentialism). Relationships between families are complex and rich with shared histories. War divides people.
SKILLS: Vocabulary, Grammar and Voice, Tone, Shifts, Genres Graphic Novel and Film
READING SKILLS: Comprehension and Analysis of conflict, buldingsroman, theme, character and images
LENS: Graphic Novel and Film study, author
WRITING SKILLS: Application, Expository, Details, Graphic Novels, Narratives

Sophie's World

November 2012 - February 2013

MOTIFS: Learning and Knowledge, philosophy, coming of age
THEMES: Life is not what we think it is. Don't trust the narrator. Knowledge comes to those who seek it. Learn what those before you learned. History is subjective.
SKILLS: Vocabulary, Grammar, philosophy, unreliable narrator, shifts, presentations
READING SKILLS: Comprehension and Analysis of non-fiction and philosophy, buldingsroman, theme, character and key concepts
LENS: philosophical, non-fiction, education
WRITING SKILLS: Application, Expository, non-fiction, analysis, presentations


Psychoanalytical Literary Analysis

September 12 2012 - October 10, 2012

Reflective/Expository Writing

October 10 2012 - November 10 2012

Definition/Argumentative Writing

November 10 2012 - December 5 2012

Essay Writing

December 5 2012 - December 10 2012

Character Analysis

December 10 2012 - December 15 2012

Synthesis Writing

December 15 2012 - February 2013