Korre's Timeline

A Timeline of major events on the fictional planet Korre.


The Ordering

5230 BC - 5000 BC

The Ancients cross the known universe, ordering the organic energies, applying natural laws, and banishing chaos.

The Ordering Ends

5000 BC

The Ancients finish their work in the Known Universe and cross out of it into the Beyond, entering the Silent Halls for the 2000 years' rest.

The 2000 Year's Rest

5000 BC - 3000 BC

The Ancients reside in torpor for 2000 years within the Silent Halls.

The Awakening

3000 BC - 2000 BC

Brilthori Alhelorvoth-il-Mathreklorthaw rises from it's sleep in the Silent Halls and begins the age of consideration.

The Summons

2000 BC

In a bid to seek companionship and assistance in it's quest to create, Brilthori Alhelorvoth-il-Mathreklorthaw sends a summoning song out into the beyond universes and retreats to it's sanctuary.

The Formation

1700 BC - 1650 BC

Brilthori Alhelorvoth-il-Mathreklorthaw recreates itself as the female form Voyd and begins to lay out plans for her creationary exploits-testing species and genetics in her Sanctuary.

Assistance Arrives

1650 BC

The first Astrologicals- Hahnd, Kahlal, Leeyui, Hethik and Fehnik- arrive to assist Voyd in her endeavor to create Korre. These become known as the First Hands of Creation. The Phase also arrives.

The Sundering

1500 BC

Using her infinite knowledge, Voyd works with Phase to split her companion into several parts and fashion the planet Korre from Phase's greater half. The planet remains devoid of life.

The Phases

1300 BC

Voyd uses the remaining parts of Phase to create the Phases-the energy beings charged with the balance of the natural forces of Korre-in preparation for the Creationary period.

The Fashioning of the Eluzia

1145 BC - 1140 BC

The Eluzeth are first fashioned in completion by Voyd and placed on Korre as an experiment. None survive, but Voyd uses what is learned to tailor the planet to their needs. Korre is first Terra-formed.

The Second Planting of Life

1070 BC

Korre plants the Eluzeth once more on Korre-now populated with flora of all manner. The race this time thrives. The Visgeth are also introduced to the planet and begin to prosper.

The Eluzian-Visgeth Conflict

900 BC - 880 BC

When their lifestyle differences cannot be settled, the Visgeth separate from the Eluzeth and cross the ocean to dwell in the Tymmer Woods. They are renamed the Tyme.

The Golereth (Humynar)

362 BC

Now lonely, the Eluzeth seek the Visgeth but fail. Korre prevails on Voyd and she takes Human DNA from Earth-altering it to fit Korre. The Golereth are born and planted on Korre in the far North West.

Humynar Rises

250 BC

The greatest king-Humyn takes the Golerethian throne at age 32. The Golereth rename themselves the Humynar.

The Centaur

200 BC

Humyn fathers the Half-Cast race of Centaur with Kahlal.

Humyn Dies

187 BC

Humyn the First dies at age 107 of an unknown disease.

The Centaur Genocide

150 BC - 140 BC

After being presented with the half cast children of his father, Humyn, Belar refutes the claim and lays a price on the Centaur's heads. The Centaur population is hunted to near extinction and saved only by Kahlal's interference.

Kahlal enters a state of silent mourning and sheds her humanoid form.

The Years of Peace

50 BC - 0 BC

No major events or conflicts occur.