The Amendments.


First Amendment.

December 15, 1791

Freedoms of speech, press, religion, to assemble, and to petition.

Second Amendment.

December 16, 1791

Right to bear arms.

Third Amendment.

December 17, 1791

No soldier will be quartered in someones house, without owners consent.

Fourth Amendment.

December 18, 1791

Basically, illegal to search without a warrant. Must have probable cause.

Fifth Amendment.

December 19, 1791

Rights in criminal cases.

Sixth Amendment.

January 15, 1792

Right to a fair and speedy trial.

Seventh Amendment.

February 1, 1792

Rights in civil cases.

Eighth Amendment.

March 4, 1792

No cruel or unusual punishments.

Ninth Amendment

April 4, 1792

Rights not stated in the constitution remain to the people.

Tenth Amendment.

May 5, 1792

Reserved powers

Eleventh Amendment

February 7, 1795

Lawsuit against states.

Twelfth Amendment

June 15, 1804

Describes how presidential elections work.

Thirteenth Amendment

December 6, 1865

Abolition of slavery.

Fourteenth Amendment

July 9, 1868

Civil rights. EX: Can't be pres if you weren't born in the U.S.

Fifteenth Amendment

February 3, 1870

Right to vote shall not be based on color, gender, etc...

Sixteenth Amendment

February 3, 1913

Income tax.

Seventeenth Amendment

April 8, 1913

Explains senatorial elections.

Eighteenth Amendment

January 16, 1919


Nineteenth Amendment

August 18, 1920

Woman's suffrage

Twentieth Amendment

January 23, 1933

Dates of terms of office.

Twenty-First Amendment

December 5, 1933

Repeal of prohibition.

Twenty-Second Amendment.

February 27, 1951

2 term limit for presidency.

Twenty-Third Amendment

March 29, 1961

Gave the people in Washington D.C. the right to vote.

Twenty-Fourth Amendment

January 23, 1964

Abolition of vote poll taxes.

Twenty-Fifth Amendment

February 10, 1967

Explains the succession of presidents.

Twenty-Sixth Amendment.

June 30, 1971

Gave citizens who were 18 the right to vote.

Twenty-Seventh Amendment

May 7, 1992

Basically, if you congress votes yes on increasing their salary, it goes up for the next term.