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Prince Henry sponsors Portugese Explorers

1 Jan 1400

Prince Henry led the way in sponsoring exploration for Portugal. First, his navigators discovered and claimed the Madeira and Azores islands to the west and southwest of Portugal. By 1415, Portugal had expanded into Muslim North Africa, seizing the port of Ceuta.Prince Henry's sponsorship is the most important event because it sparks the whole movement. After countries see Portugal's success, they also begin exploring. Without Prince Henry's sponsorship, countries may not have explored.

Guthberg Printing Press


Enables the mass dispersion of the 95 Theses. Eventually, the printing press will allow for the mass distribution of literature, mainly the Bible. The dispersion of literature also decreases the illit

Capture Constantinople


Ottoman Empire captures Constantinople because they are on the rise.

Portugese explore Africa

1470 - 1484

The Portuguese wanted, above anything else, to find a route to India and kept trying to circumnavigate Africa, but they also wanted gold.

Ferdinand II and Isabella I unite the crowns of Aragon


When Ferdinand succeeded his father as King of Aragon in 1479, the Crown of Castile and the various territories of the Crown of Aragon were united in a personal union creating for the first time since the 8th century a single political unit referred to as Spain.

Columbus Sails to Americas


This impacted the future because Columbus was the first to stake lands in the New World for a crown. He set precedence for future expeditions into North America.

Treaty of Tordesillas


This treaty set the tone for colonization for two Catholic powers. Its lasting impact is still seen today as Brazil continues to speak Portuguese. divides entire
(non-Christian) world between Spain and

95 Theses of Martin Luther


Is widely regarded as the initial catalyst for the Protestant Reformation.

Small Pox Epidemics


Spaniard are exposed to it through the Tainos people.

Diet of Worms


The Diet of Worms was an imperial diet, or assembly, of the Holy Roman Empire held in Worms, Germany at the Heylshof Garden. It is most memorable for the Edict of Worms, which addressed Martin Luther and the effects of the Protestant Reformation.

Luther's New Testament German Translation


Translates the New Testament of the Bible.

Defeat of Inca empire in Peru

1532 - 1533

Francisco Pizarro and 600 men bring down
Inca empire in Peru

Galileo Galilei born at Pisa


Sighting of Australia


Dutch sailors make first recorded sighting of

Treaty of Paris


The Treaty of Paris officially the worldwide war between the British and French. It also ensured British dominance in North America. France was forced to cede Canada and its lands east of the Mississippi to Britain and the Louisiana Territory to Spain. However, France regained control of its sugar-producing islands in the Caribbean and there slave-trading outposts.This is the fifth most important because it ended a long war and it helped America grow larger.