Untitled timeline


1899-1955 Sudan under British-Egyptian rule.

1899 - 1955

1956 Sudan gains its independence


1962-2011 Civil war is started in Southern Sudan

1962 - 2011

1972 Addis Ababa peace agreement makes Southern Sudan its own governing region


1983-2005 Civil war breaks out between SPLM and Sudan.

1983 - 2005

SPML stands for Sudan People's Liberation Movement. A/N this is the year that the displacement of the Lost Boys' starts.

1985 President Numayri is overthrown and replaced by a Coalition government.


Sadiq al-Mahdi is the prime minister.

1988 The Democratic Unionist Party arranges a cease-fire with the SPLM


However, the cease-fire does not actually happen.

1989 National Salvation Revolution takes over.


Omar Bashir appointed President.


The National Assembly is dissolved by President Bashir


Reason given is that Sudan is in a state of emergency.

President Bashir is re-elected for five more years.

2000 - 2005

Revolt in Darfur.


Darfur is the western region of Sudan. Rebels say that they are being "neglected by the people in Khartoum"

The killings in Darfur of non-Arabic civilians described as genocide.


A peace agreement is formed between the government and Southern rebels.


This includes a permanent cease fire and agreements on sharing wealth.

In early July, John Garang, sworn in as vice-president.


John Garang was the original leader of the SPLM in 1983

Less than a month later on August 1st, John Garang is killed in a plane crash.


Following his death, fights between Southern Sudan and the Northern Arabs become more frequent and deadlier.

The International Criminal Court's calls for the arrest of President Bashir.


He is accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur. This is the first time that the International Criminals Court has called for the arrest of a head of state.

President Bashir re-elected.


There is belief that the results were changed and the election was not fair (contested).

Southern Sudan gains its independence.


Estimated that ~ 655,000 people have been displaced


Displacement refers to the war between Sudan and Southern Sudan