Noob Lecture 3


Leibniz: motivating power can be explained by material.

1646 - 1716

Stahl: "anima" living principle strives for healing. Expectative.

1660 - 1734

Physician must recognize natural healing process and support them with expectative therapies

Hoffman: all can be explained by mechanism. Serve mechanism.

1660 - 1742

No purposeful action of nature.

Boerhaave: vital motivates mechanism. Remove obstacles.

1668 - 1738

Physicians serves the "force of Natur" principle by removing the obstacles to mechanistic action.

Huxham: vitalist:nature has healing endeavors. expectative therapy.

1672 - 1768

Mead: Natur is the living principle united with the soul.

1673 - 1754

physician's role is not specified. re-look at Noob.

Heister: physician is the master over nature.

1683 - 1758

mechanist? not sure how to place him. nature is strong, but wrong.

Nicholls: conscious activity of the soul drives physiology.

1699 - 1778

The Anima is disturbed through non-purposeful medical intervention

Werlhof: removed

1699 - 1767

the mechanism of nature gives clear signs of guidance to the physician.

de Haen: nature leads. physician intervenes as needed.

1704 - 1776

Friedrich Schiller

1705 - 1855

lost of teleologic thinking in science is a great tragety. covered in the 19th century lecture

Gaub: Natur is the watchmen for life- leads physician.

1705 - 1780

in sick and health,
it might be controversial to calm him a Stahlian, Is he a mechanist/vitalist? but he certainly included a spiritual principle in pathology

Sauvages: removed

1706 - 1767

professed belief in an immaterial principle that combines consciousness, will, instinctive and active anima, while still relying on the principles of mechanics for understanding physiologic and pathologic processes

Haller: mechism -> VMN

1708 - 1778

the vitalistic principle arises from mechanism

Cullen: VMN exists, but too obscure. Physician is master.

1710 - 1790

Grant: removed

1714 - 1786

English stahlian. physician must know healing and support it.

Kaau-Boerhaave: VMN is united with the soul.

1715 - 1758

physician: resists dz. serve. VMN = vital principle

Bordeu: ? animism plus mechanism

1722 - 1776

In his own category? minimalist,
vitalist, expectative and interventionalist
2/3rds of dz can cure itself- more minalist than the vitalist, who stressed the import of the physician's role in most cases. also, they didn't believe in animism!


1731 - 1803


1735 - 1788


1742 - 1787

Gall: stimuli

1758 - 1828

no noob quotes about definition of nature.
but physician must make use of the power of nature.

Reil: crisis. VMN is NOT purposeful/conscious

1759 - 1813

"living power is a sum of physical-chemical powers of organic material" not acting in the interest of the individual.

Hufeland: physician helps bring us closer to vmn

1762 - 1836


1776 - 1785

credited the healing process to the development of the soul. stahlian, but not quite the quotes to support animism

Hecker: laws. help nature if too weak or too strong

1795 - 1850

match to Reil, this same language defining "living principle" nature "living power" heals, needs directive. mankind tends toward disease.

Role of Physician

Boerhaave: serve "Natur" by removing obstacles

1668 - 1738