The New Republic


Northern states ban slavery

1777 - 1804

The Northern states start passing laws to ban slavery.

The U.S. signs a peace treaty with the British


Jay’s Treaty


The treaty agreed for the british to withdraw from americian soil and pay damages they caused to our ships.

The Whiskey Rebellion


Shows the government would use force to maintain social order.

Washington D.C. is chosen as the Nation’s Capital


Washington D.C. became the home of the government.

Second Great Awakening


This increased church membership, and inspired people to be in involved in missionary work.

The Louisiana Purchase


The USA purchases a big amount of land called the Louisiana Territory.

Lewis and Clark’s Expedition

5/14/1804 - 9/23/1806

Lewis and Clark discovered a route to the Pacific and made peaceful contact with the Indians

The Erie Canal is built

7/4/1817 - 10/26/1825

1825 the Erie canal is finished and connected the East and the Midwest

National Road built to West Virginia


The National Road was built to West Virginia,and made travel easier