US History


The Great War begins


This is the first world war

The assassination of Archduke Francis


His wife was killed too. It leads to WW1. The United States remains neutral.

German Submarine sinks the Lusitania


About 1200 people were in it. Including 128 American citizens. They all died in the boat.

President Wilson got reelected


Because he wanted to avoid the war, he got reelected.

U.S enters War


President Wilson declares war.

World War 1 ends!


An armistice ends the war. The allies win the war.

Senate rejects the Treaty of Versailles




The United States signs a peace treaty.

Rosa Parks


Rosa Parks was put in jail when she was in the bus and a white man told her to go to the back. She told him no. At these times all black people had to go to the back of the bus. But Rosa didn't want to. Therefore she went to jail. Afterwards many people stopped taking the bus.

Freedom Riders


IN 1946 the supreme court allowed black to sit wherever in the bus. So in 1947 a group of black and white people planned a "Journey of Reconciliation" to test out this new law. They soon got arrested because people did not want blacks sitting in the front.

Brown vs. the Board of Education


Linda Brown was seven years old when her dad went to the Supreme Court to complain for his child. Linda had to walk across railroad tracks and then take a bus to get to her school. Although there was a school five blocks away from her house. But it was segregated, and Linda was black. This was known as "Brown vs. the Board of Education."

Emmett Till


Emmett was a fourteen year old boy. He was from Chicago but went to visit relatives. At Mississippi, some kids dared him to talk to the store's owner's wife. She was a white lady. He called her "baby". Then the store owner went to Emmett's house. He and his brother in law kidnapped Emmett. He was then found in a river. Everyone was disgusted of what they did.

Little Rock Nine


Nine black students went to a white school. This was very serious back then. They received lot of threats, and they got seriously bullied. The government had to give them all a body guard.



Four college freshmen went to eat at their campus, but the workers refused to serve them. Therefore they had a sit in. Even if the store closed, they were still there. Soon more students came to sit in. Later more organizations came. They even had a strategy.

Birmingham Bombing


At Birmingham a church was bombed. The KKK bombed the sixteenth street baptist church .

Bloody Sunday


There was a march that Martin Luther King had organized. There was about six hundred marchers. They soon found themselves blocked by Alabama state troops. They were ordered to turn around, but they refused. The officers than shot tear gas and started to beat the marchers. They soon went back. This was known as "Bloody Sunday" it was televised all over the world.

Martin Luther King Dies


On a balcony of a motel MLK was assassinated. He was in Memphis. He was Memphis to give his famous speech " I've Been to the Mountaintop."




World War 2

World War 2 Begins


Germany invaded Poland. At this point the United States was neutral, but President Roosevelt tried to find a way to aid the allies.

France crumbles


France surrenders to Germany. Germany invaded Frances capital, Paris. After that France surrender to Germany.

Pearl Harbor


Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The next day, the United States entered the war.

Victory in the Battle Of MIdway


The united States Navy defeated Japan in the battle of midway.They won by using a strategy called Island Hopping.



On June 6, also known as D-day, allied troops landed in France. Their plan was to let France become free again. In a few months France became free

World War 2 ends


Germany surrender, by Hitler killing himself. Japan then surrender in September.

The Cold War

Cold War Begins


The axis powers did not trust the Soviet Union since they were communism. Therefore, since they could not trust each other it had tension. Which later became a war.



When WW2 ended, they split Germany into four zones. Germany's capital was also split. When the Us, Britain, and France wanted to keep Berlin as one, the Soviet Union didn't want that. Therefore, there was chaos.

New Alliances


To control the Soviet Union the United States made alliances with nations they could trust. This became known as NATO. Also known as North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The main goal was to protect Western Europe from the Soviet Union.

The Korean war begins


Korea was divided into South Korea and North Korea. The dividing line was called 38th parallel. When North Korea solders tried to pass that line, the conflicted began

Cold War in Africa


More than 30 African countries gain there independence. Therefore, with each countries independence, there became more alliance. Alliances from the United States and the Soviet Union. Which has war in Africa as well.

New President


Truman fired at a popular general for not following orders. Americans were angry at this. Therefore, when elections cam the votes for Dwight Eisenhower, and he won.

Vietnam War begins


Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese nationalist and a communist , who had lead a fight for independence. When he gain that independence, that is when the war began.

Conflicts in The U.S


People from the United States were against the Vietnam War. There were The "hawks", which were people that supported the Vietnam war. Then there, were the "doves" which were oppose the Vietnam War.Which was a problem since the United States wanted to draft people.

The U.S And Vietnam


The United States was an alliance with South Vietnam, while the Soviet Union was in an alliance with North Vietnam. War started to increase tremendously in the Vietnam War. This war was different because the U.S did not want to gain ground, but destroy its' enemies positions.



American soldiers are sent to Vietnam. It was more than half a million American troops.

Vietnam War Ends

1974 - 1975

American soldiers all get back home. President Nixon withdraw his troops slowly. Yet the United States still send aid to Vietnam.

Cold War Ends


The Soviet Union collapsed. The Soviet Union was made up of 15 different republics. They all started to fight against each other.